Package org.keyczar.exceptions

Exception Summary
BadVersionException Keyczar output that is not properly prepended by the current Keyczar version is parsed.
Base64DecodingException An error occurs in attempting to decode a web-safe Base64 string (e.g.
InvalidSignatureException The signature attached to a given ciphertext or other Keyczar output doesn't properly correspond to it.
KeyczarException Base class of all possible exceptions thrown by Keyczar.
KeyNotFoundException Key with a particular hash is not found.
NoPrimaryKeyException Primary key is missing when trying to perform an operation (e.g.
ShortBufferException An input buffer is too short.
ShortCiphertextException Keyczar is trying to decrypt a ciphertext that is too short to be valid (e.g.
ShortSignatureException Keyczar signature is too short to be valid.
UnsupportedTypeException A key type was used in an inappropriate purpose.