Package keyczar
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Package keyczar

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Keyczar Cryptography Toolkit

Collection of tools for managing and using cryptographic keys. Goal is to make it easier for developers to use application-layer cryptography.

Author: (Arkajit Dey)

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  • keyczar.errors: Contains hierarchy of all possible exceptions thrown by Keyczar.
  • keyczar.keyczar: Collection of all Keyczar classes used to perform cryptographic functions: encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify.
  • keyczar.keyczart: Keyczart(ool) is a utility for creating and managing Keyczar keysets.
  • keyczar.keydata: Encodes the two classes storing data about keys:
  • keyczar.keyinfo: Defines several 'enums' encoding information about keys, such as type, status, purpose, and the cipher mode.
  • keyczar.keys: Represents cryptographic keys in Keyczar.
  • keyczar.readers: A Reader supports reading metadata and key info for key sets.
  • keyczar.util: Utility functions for keyczar package.